Monday, November 09, 2009


Change is inevitable

George G Clark, 09 November 2009

Change is inevitable. The issue is the extent to which human agency can ensure change for the better at local through to global level.

Change for the better. Better in what way, for whom, and who decides?

Change can be in terms of many factors eg social, technological, environmental, economic, political, legal and spiritual.

Change can be best directed when the leadership, management and administration (bureaucracy) is informed by strategy, tactics and operations (policies, programmes, plans and processes) that ensure the efficient and effective use of resources and of science and technology in economic ways that are both socially just and environmentally friendly.

Change inevitably involves differences of opinion and thus schisms. Agents of change (shakers and movers at all levels) need conflict resolution skills and the ability and willingness to see a bigger picture and to talk to each other as part of a multi-stakeholder process!


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