Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Passing clouds of discontent

Personal, familial, community and cultural concepts of right and wrong (and all other forms of dualistic discrimination) are the basis of my conditioning. They are all historically and geographically located and have no abiding nature. Having transcended the ego illusion there is no longer a compelling need to hold with them. But they fight an effective rearguard action against the chances of my ego being transcended. Old habits (of mind) die hard.

It follows from the above that there might be concepts which lie beyond history and geography and which have an abiding nature. These would be those that have their basis in the structure of our long evolved nervous system. They are common to all of humanity and if they are contentious it is only because we now live in ways for which our evolution has not prepared us. (Civilisation and its discontents). Consider the non-abiding concepts of civilisation to be clouds. Blow them away and the sunshine of your innate nature will then shine through.

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